Monitored Rehab Systems
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Monitored Rehab Systems
Monitored Rehab Systems is the new gold standard in rehabilitation, testing and strength training. Each machine gives the user real-time feedback through its sensors and computer software, facilitating optimal training and testing for motor control, proprioception and coordination.
As a result of this stimulation of the neuromuscular system, significant strength gains can occur very rapidly.

The user’s relative position is visually represented on the computer monitor and the user is asked to navigate their way thru mazes or perform various other challenging skills in a “video game” environment, stimulating movement through the desired range of motion. Points are awarded for positive work and deducted for poor performance.

Difficulty and speed level of the activities is adjustable, providing proper intensity for all user levels including kids, geriatrics and competitive athletes. The level of resistance can be altered with the selector pin of the machine’s weightstack. The software also learns the user’s strengths and weaknesses and will generate game patterns to work a user’s area(s) of weakness.

Green Bay Packers player rehabs with MRS

Functional Exercise

Purposeful activity has been shown to yield better rehabilitation outcomes than traditional therapies. Monitored Rehab uses up to six different interactive activities, which can be performed dynamically or isometrically, to develop and train elements of neuromuscular control. Points are accumulated based on successful completion of the desired activity. Duration of exercise and rest times, as well as activity intensity are adjustable and easily set by the operator.

Object: Avoid being hit by the raining blue dots.

Object: Stay in the grey, avoid touching the blue.

Object: Keep the crosshair on the blue line.

Object: Rebound the blue dots off the red paddle.

Object: Keep the bowtie in the blue zone as it moves.

Object: Hit the blue dots but avoid the red ones.
Paced Workouts

Selectable rates of speed for both the Concentric and Eccentric movements. The user tries to generate smooth force curves as they mimic the speed of the pacer (in green). Reps and sets are adjustable, or have user work for a fixed time instead.
Isometric Training

User pushes isometrically to produce force (graphed real-time in red) mimicking the pre-defined training profile as close as possible. Profile expressed in terms of “%of max” and “time”. Choose one of 5 developed profiles or create your own custom ones.

Functional Testing

CPT Billing Codes for the
Monitored Rehab Systems Equipment
97750 Testing
97530 Therapeutic Activities
97110 Therapeutic procedure
97112 Neuromuscular reeducation of movement, balance, coordination, kinesthetic sense, posture and proprioception
90911 Bio Feedback Training
95999 Unlisted Neurological or neuromuscular diagnostic procedure
Strapping Code or Taping
29520 Hip
29530 Knee
29540 Ankle and/or foot
29550 Toes
29799 Unlisted procedure or strapping


Keep the crosshair on the line, even after the visual aid disappears for an objective quantification of proprioceptive ability.
Relocate the marker to the box afater the box moves its position to quantify reaction time.
Bilateral, closed chain, isometric strength of the entire extremity to quantify functional deficit of the involved limb.
Graphical reports instantly available after test completion, with statistical analysis and bilateral comparison. Overlay the results of previous tests to show improvement and document progress.

When you do a new install or an update from a newer version use the following setup (this is the newest software)
Install Version 4.1.3

Update to Version
(from any 4.x version)

Database update file:
Download and execute this file on your computer.

NFL star uses
MRS Leg Press
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An extremely suitable product for administration of physiotherapeutic reports